1. Chasis (body of robot)



We use this chasis because it already consists of 2 motors which handle left and right wheels separately. 

2. BreadBoard


Internal connection of BreadBoard:


 The coloured lines represents internal connections of the breadboard.

3. IC7805

We use IC7805 to convert 9V in 5V because maximum safe limit of all electronic components is about 5V. The top metallic part of IC7805 is used for heat distribution.

 4. LM324N Comparator



 This IC consists of 4 comparators. Each comparator consists of 2 inputs (one positive and other negative) and one output. If the voltage at positive input is greater than the voltage at negative input then the output is 5V else 0.

5. ULN2003 Current Amplifier


 This IC is used to amplify the current. It consists of 7 outputs (PIN 16 to PIN 10) corresponding to 7 inputs (PIN 1 to PIN 7). It takes input from LM324N and gives output in the form of 0 and 1.






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