Ø     Required materials of DTMF DECODER:-

Ø Chasis(1)

Ø Breadboard(2)

Ø IC L293D(1)

Ø IC MT8870

Ø Ic 7805 regulator(1)

Ø Simple LED(as indicator)(6)

Ø Capacitor(6)

Ø Carbon resistance of 10k ohm(4)

Ø Carbon resistance of 1k ohm(6)

Ø Carbon resistance of 100k ohm(3)

Ø Oscillator(1)

Ø Connecting wires

Ø Four pin connector(6)

Ø Battery of 9v with battery cap(1)

Ø Mobile connector jack

Ø Multi meter

Ø Wire cutter

    ØMobile phone(2)

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